we can offer a range of promotional services to boost sales and awareness of your title across central london.


Our promotional services are based on long standing relationships we have built with locations across Central London. All our promotions are part of our day to day visits we make to each shop.

Please contact us for more information, or to discuss a variations on any of the options below.



  • Special holders to ensure your title stands out on the shelf.

  • Window displays in prominent locations across Central London.

Photo caption: Arrange a window display to launch a new title or celebrate a special issue.

  • Partnerships to display additional promotional material alongside your title.

Photo caption:

  • Increase the life span of your title by offering off-sale issues as reading copies.

All other distributors will pulp your title after the off sale date. We can arrange for any remaining copies to be offered for free as reading copies in key locations across Central London. Reading copies can increase the shelf life of your title, raise awareness and increase anticipation for your next issue.

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